Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tall Poppy Interview: Wes "Maestro" Williams

Posted on Torontoist

In the Canadian rap canon, Wes "Maestro" Williams stands alone. Coming out in 1989 as Maestro Fresh Wes, he topped the charts with infectious tracks like Drop the Needle, Conductin' Thangs, and especially his debut hit, Let Your Backbone Slide. His debut album, Symphony in Effect remains the top selling Canadian hip hop album of all time. Spending more time as an actor, I managed to catch up with Williams while he was in town presenting at the Canadian Aboriginal Achievement Awards.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tall Poppy Interview: Boozy Suzy

Posted on Torontoist

This was the first Tall Poppy that I did for Torontoist and it was under strange circumstances. Reigning Pillow Fight League champion, Boozy Suzy, was scheduled to make a surprise appearance so we couldn't be seen by the crowd. We did the interview in a dressing room upstairs at the Gladstone Hotel, where the interview I was conducting was being filmed as footage for a future PFL DVD. Boozy Suzy would soon hang her pillow up after this interview. Ian Munroe, took photos and Marc Lostracco did some amazing photo illustration.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Blog Post: Avi Lewis' America

Posted on Torontoist

According to the Inside the CBC blog and the National Post, Toronto's favourite boyish-looking provocateur, Avi Lewis, is back on the airwaves with his newest show, Frontline: USA. The show promises to "strip away the spin and highlight real issues such as poverty, violence, race, health, and immigration" in America. Considering that Lewis is involved and that the show airs on Al Jazeera English, chances are that Frontline: USA won't be a Dobbsian exercise in blaming America's problems on immigrants.

Avi Lewis is best known for being the first host of CBC's current affiars debate program counterSpin. Although his last two CBC shows, The Big Picture and On the Map, didn't make it to their second season, Lewis is still a highly respected media personality. The first episode of Frontline: USA examines the effects of Hurricane Katrina, exploring why America failed to protect its poorest citizens and how this affects the way New Orleans will vote in the upcoming election. The weekly show will continue until America's election, and then who knows. In the meantime, you can watch the show and other Al Jazeera English programs on their YouTube channel.

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